Choral/Soundtrack/Theater Music

I’ve written a number of choral pieces, mostly based on texts by English or American poets (SATB/SATB with divisi).  If you’re interested in seeing/hearing/performing something, PLEASE let me know–royalties are very reasonable.



Some of these pieces have been featured in informational/industrial videos, and some are waiting.  Give them a listen.  Note that customization is always and option…


This serious march is great for games, montages, and other action sequences:


Some jazz grooves, suitable to for bar scenes, etc:


Solo piano, very emotional:


An orchestral ostinato:


A Western African groove–perfect for nature programs…


Bluesy guitar grooves, suitable for scene changes/cuts…


Trancey EDM groove:


Acoustic guitar bed:




When Forty Winters Shall Beseige Thy Brow take 1 copy – Full Score SATB with reh. piano


I Would Build a Cloudy House – Full Score SATB with reh piano


Break, Break, Break take 2 – Full Score SATB with piano part